Through a variety of services offered, Dr. Overton can help you and your school become that special place you hoped for.

Services include:

Staff development
Coaching & mentoring teachers and administrators
Strategic Planning
Parent education workshops
Working with individuals and small groups of students
Classroom demonstrations
& more

Putting Children into Education Conversations

Areas of experience, expertise & interest include:

Building classroom and school cultures
Social & Emotional learning
Planning for the present and future
Project-based learning
Integrating your curriculum
Working with students experiencing trauma
Including choice, meaning, & relevancy in each classroom
Community service & social justice in your classrooms and school
Creating dramatic & educational simulations
Helping parents to take an active role in school matters
Helping parents to understand the current trends in education that effect their children
Increasing classroom and school bonding & climate
Designing and building school farms & gardens
and generally increasing the amount of joy in the entire school.

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About Bill Overton

Bill has been a classroom teacher for over 30 years. He taught in a progressive public K-5 school. He also worked as a principal for five years. While participating in those roles, he worked as a mentor teacher, a researcher, & presenter at professional development workshops.

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